Several Ways Toadphrog can clean your PC!

Computers get dusty and dirty on the inside, that's not good. We can fix that! Also nasty viruses and computer crippling issues? We cover that too!


We at Troadphrog Computers can speed up, clean up, and revive your Windows PC!


Cleaning Hardware - We will clean inside your computer's case and clear any dust out of the fans and heatsinks to keep everything running cool and quiet.


Cleaning Software - We make sure all of your software is up to date, such as the drivers, service packs, security updates, and so on.  Additionally, we will help in the removal of unneeded temporary files and folders.  This will help reclaim hard drive space and optimize your system.


Virus Removal - Is your system bogged down with a virus? Has your homepage been hijacked? We can help restore your system back to normal, and have you up and running again!

Here are our current prices:


Computer Cleaning (inside, fans, dust, etc) Starting at $30
Computer Tune-Up Starting at $60
Virus & Spyware Removal $125


More information coming soon!!! Keep checking back for new updates!