You wanna know about us? Well you came to the right place!  Here is the story of Toadphrog Computers and how it came to be.  This whole vision started almost 15 years ago, back when PC Gaming was in it's height of popularity.  Back then, in 1997, the fastest internet speed at the time was 56K dialup, our local internet service provider was called Toad dot net.  We really liked that name, and it kinda stuck with us ever since.

As gamers we wanted to create a website that was for other gamers like ourselves.  A website that highlighted online gaming, but also showcased build-your-own computer hardware.  When we first started building and fixing up computers, it was pretty much just a hobby that we did on the side.  We did it because we enjoyed it, and you know what they say...if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.

As time went by we saw an opportunity with Toadphrog Computers, why is everyone paying outrageous prices to have the PC of their dreams? Why is it costing people an arm and a leg just to tune up and clean out their PC? It's insane, and you the consumer deserve better! 

We wanted to create a full service center for your PC.  A place where you could have a PC built from the ground up to your own specifications without putting yourself into debt.  A place where you can get your existing PC cleaned up!  Be it dust, nasty viruses, or malware.  A place to tune-up and upgrade your existing PC to bring new life to your favorite system, because sometimes...we aren't ready to let our old PC go.  We wanted to do all of this, and help out fellow PC owners at a fraction of the price that a big box store is going to cost you.

Welcome to Toadphrog computers, the best prices in town for all your PC needs!